AZ Country

A new venue for dancing in the East Valley. AZ Country had their grand opening July 9th. A Country themed Steak House, Sports bar, and Music venue, they are located at 1300 S. Country Club, the southwest corner of Southern and Country Club, (map).

There is an 11,000 square foot dance floor behind the restaurant and bar.

If you were there last night, let us know how it went.

Their website is, not much posted there yet, but it just opened.

2 thoughts on “AZ Country

  1. I still have not been able to get over to this, since I have been out of town, but I have heard the music is great, but the floor is not very danceable.

    I have been told the floor in front of the band is tile and the main floor is wood. The floor was difficult to dance on and double turns were not possible.

    Hopefully, they will address these issues.

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