Dance Doctors

Saturday night was a Pot Luck party at the new Dance Doctors in Gilbert. Located just east of Gilbert on the south side of Warner Road. We were late for the Merengue dance lesson but it look liked everyone on the floor was having a great time.

Music was prerecorded and the playlist very nice. Since JohnE’s was closed this weekend for floor refurbishing a lot of John’s regulars were here.  Significantly smaller than the floor at Greenfield Village, it got a little crowded at times, but not bad. Overall, a nice smaller dance venue.

They will be having the Gilbert Grand Opening soon, I have forgotten the date, but when I find out I will post it. It is not on their website yet. You can check out their calendar here.

The also have an online jukebox at their site, I really like the idea but the execution needs some work. Clicking the Back to Jukebox link takes you back to the homepage instead of the jukebox. Your playlist is created at and you have to create a profile that includes your birthday. I am not really wild about that, but it is your choice how you handle it. I did not find a way to go to the newly created playlist directly from the site, but clicking on Create Your Free Playlist takes you to

Nice place, we will be back.