Good News and Bad News

First the good news. Reign-N-Country will be sponsoring Friday night dances again this summer at Towerpoint. The dances begin on Friday April 5 and run through Oct 11.

The bad news is that John Klamm is shutting down the dances at Carriage Manor. The last dance will be Sunday, April 14. His email stated in part:

It’s been FUN!!  And I truly wish to THANK all the dancers that have supported JOHNE’s CABARET DANCES LLC.  throughout the years.   We only have a few dances remaining at Carriage Manor, and Jacquie & I will enjoy them for sure.  

We will NOT be sponsoring any dances this summer or next winter due to the decreased attendance this past season at Carriage Manor.   We wish to thank Carriage Manor for the use of their floor this final season.

I would personally like to thank John and Jacquie for the commitment to these dances. They have meant a lot to us. Without these opportunities we probably would not be dancing today.