New Friday Night Dances at Towerpoint

Reign-N-Country, a great country band, has decided to host Friday night dances at Towerpoint, beginning this Friday, May 4th. They will be playing this Friday and next. Other bands will also be playing interspersed with Reign-N-Country.

To see where Reign-N-Country will be playing check the Band Schedules. To see who is playing at Towerpoint check the Dance Calendar. Both can be found in the upper left of this page.

Currently, I don’t have the other bands but will update the Calendar as soon as I get the listing.

This is great news.

See you on the dance floor.

4 thoughts on “New Friday Night Dances at Towerpoint

  1. Richard, thank you for the plug !! We look forward to seeing all of our friends and making new ones at Towerpoint. Everyone, come help us make this summer dance season a great success.

    Randy Wade/Reign-N-Country

  2. Saguaro Sunset Band will be at TowerPoint on the following Fridays:
    June 1
    July 27
    Aug 10
    Sept 7

    Thank you Melody.

    Saguaro Sunset Band

  3. Yo Richard,
    Man, you do a great job of keeping toes tapping and feet moving in Mesa! Thanks for your efforts!

    Just a couple of heads up on Saguaro Sunset Band as we all try to get this 'networking' concept that brings out folks to dance to what they enjoy.

    My bad in not informing you of the change in our server to access the SSB schedule, it's now…ad infinitum. For any fans of the the group, I recently uploaded some videos that some might enjoy. The link below is to a compilation of 'The Dance'…filmed at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia & Fiesta Grande in Casa Grande.

    Paul Sammons, Bandleader, Saguaro Sunset Band

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