Fearless Leaders Class

A free sample class for Fearless Leaders is being offered by Mary Lou Kaye of  Learn Social Dancing.

Mary Lou states:

To get a jump start on doing a great job on the dance floor, a Fearless Leaders class was recently created.  The man will learn the secrets of being a fantastic dance partner BEFORE he takes a lovely partner in his arms for the first time.

Ladies will not have to fear for their pedicures and will be so impressed with the man who prepared for the Social Dance class in advance…..he will definitely stand out above the crowd.

A man must listen and respond to the music, watch traffic, move smoothly and direct his lady….all on automatic.  He learns, assimilates and initiates all of the movement of the dance.  Because of his position as the quarterback of this unique team and to present himself with confidence, it’s a good idea if he is ahead of the lady who is also learning to dance.

Once a man knows how to dance, attracting and pleasing women is nearly effortless!

The free class will be:
    Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.
    Tempe Jazzercize/Dance Center
    6356 South Price Road    Tempe 85283
    {NW corner of Guadalupe & 101}
    Register by phone (480.491.4942) or email (mlk@learnsocialdancing.com)