RMMC Dance Classes

The Red Mountain Multigenerational Center (RMMC) is offering dance classes. Below is a bulletin I received from them.

Even if you don’t “think you can dance”…dance is one of the most fun ways to participate in exercise, expression and physical fitness.  The RMMC has some great dance programs offered by independent contractors, for you or your child!

Ages 3-5    Princess Dance                    10:00am and 11:00am
Ages 13+    Hip Hop for Teens/Adults       7:15pm 

Ages 3-4    Tiny Tumblers                      4:00pm
Ages 4-6    Dainty Dancers Combo         5:00pm
Ages 3-4    Fairytale Dancers                 6:00pm
Ages 12+    Belly Dance Beg                  7:00pm
Ages 16+    Dance Sampler                    7:00pm

Ages 3-4    Fairytale Dancers                  9:00am
Ages 4-6    Dainty Dancers Combo         10:00am
Ages 3-5    Teddy Bear Tappers             11:00am
Ages 3-4    Tiny Tumblers                      12:00pm

You need a Household ID and password to register.  Please call the Registration Desk at 480-644-4271 (Mon-Thurs) or fill out the online form at http://www.mesaaz.gov/parksrec/TimeOut.  Browse the online brochure and jump quickly to these classes by using the keyword “DANCE” in your search! 

Want to take an adult dance class?  Don’t forget, that the RMMC Kids Club is open from 4pm-8pm Mon-Fri for kids 6mo-7yrs, and the climbing wall is open until 8:00pm Mon-Thur.  Standard RMMC visit fees apply.  Our visit fees are listed on the website at http://www.redmountaincenter.com.  

Have more questions?  Call the at RMMC:  480-644-4800.