That KOOL Band – Awesome

That Kool Band is not just cool, they are absolutely awesome. They played the Broadway Palms this evening and were fantastic. I have not been that close to a drum set during Wipeout in over 40 years, it felt great. They added Lindsey Hendley for a few vocals and she did a superb job and rounded out the set nicely. During some of the songs the crowd was almost rowdy the music was so good.

Broadway Palms as a venue is questionable, the seating and acoustics were great, but the dance floor was sub-par, and the service was poor (but that is for a  different blog). They had setup a 12 x 15 foot portable floor in the back but it was sticky even with my shoes off and just socks. It is badly in need of a good cleaning and some wax.  We danced during the first set but did not during the second, we set a row back from the band and just enjoyed the music.

I am trying to get their schedule and when I do I will post it. For now, you can check out their website at

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