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The best way for us to know where to dance is to share information. So, if you know of a place to dance, a great band, or a good place for lessons that is not listed here, leave a comment to this post. I will move it to the appropriate category.

Have fun and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

7 thoughts on “Dancing Information

  1. At 7350 E. Main St. in Mesa I saw that Denim and Diamonds is opening a country dance hall on Nov. 9th. There was a sign up to advertise for hiring if anyone is interested. I'll be anxious to hear more details if anyone knows more. Thanks, Sharon

  2. Thank you so much for this blog site. My husband Dennis and I love to dance and go to Greenfield (JohnE's) on Fridays in the summer. In the winter we follow the Road Runners Band (Rock N Roll)but we don't do ballroom dancing so are always looking for a place to dance. Thank you again. Kathy
    P.S. Please list Road Runner Band on your site

  3. Kathy, the Road Runners are listed, under Band Schedules on the left. I renamed them from “The Road Runner” to “Road Runner Band” to make them easier to find.

    Thanks for you comments.

  4. I think there is dancing at Greenfield Village on Saturday nite all summer…right?

  5. Yes. It is posted as JohnE's Cabaret. I have changed the listing to try and make it clearer. You can see who is playing by checking the calender line (upper left corner), or under Dance Scheduled to the left.

    Thanks for dancing.

  6. Went to some great dances at Sunland Village East. They have a Monday Happy Hour Dance once a month that is only $4….Fun, fun

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