Special Dances at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village will be hosting special dances in January.

All dances start at 7:00pm and end at 9:45pm.  Admission to these special dances will be $6 for Greenfield Residents, and $7 for non-residents. 

Monday January 10 – Saguaro Sunset Band – Country Music at its best
Monday January 17 – Needham Twins – By popular request. 
Friday January 21 – Dynamic Duo – Wild Bill & Carol will DJ your popular songs. 
Monday January 24 – Roadrunners – Ron & Carol Sabo play your favorite 50-60-70’s

See you there.

Dancing Calendars

I am attempting to setup calendars to show the location of dances by date. 
At the upper left, under Pages,  you will notice Dances in Mesa. This is my first attempt. It will take some time to get it perfected and updated with all the information I have. 
Let me know if you have any suggestions or problems. I am using Google calendars so I am limited in my options. 


A Great Night Dancing

A great night at Mesa Regal tonight, danced to the Road Runner Band until 10:30.

This was our first time at Mesa Regal and it was very nice, admission is $13 per couple. The dance floor is probably half the size of Greenfield, so about 4,000 sq ft. It appears to be wood parquet on cement, a little hard but otherwise very good. The dancers were great, a real fun bunch. Of course, it is hard not to have a good time when the Road Runner Band is playing.

This was the most fun we have had dancing in a long time. You can check out the schedule for both Mesa Regal and the Road Runner Band on the left.

Christmas Dancing

We were dancing at home last night and thought it would be nice to have some Christmas music to dance to. I looked through my songs and while there are a lot of waltzes I had little else then Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.

After spending some time with our friend Google I found Christmas Ballroom Dance Music by Linda and Roland. A nice mix of social dances. Titles include Silent Night (Waltz), Jingle Bell Rock (Swing), and We Need a Little Christmas (Polka).

Dancetime With Linda & Roland : Christmas Ballroom Dance Music

Roland has passed away but Linda is still going strong. You can check her out on Facebook and MySpace. I purchased this album on Amazon, and it looks like most of theirs are available. It is also available on CDBaby.com as are the others.

I think I will download Dancing Along Route 66 tonight.


If you were not at Venture Out last night you missed a great dancing opportunity. Over half the chairs were empty and the music was great. The more I hear RNC the more I like them. They are playing this evening at the Good Life Resort and if we did not have other plans already, we would be there.