Exit 40 Band

A lot of folks missed a good time at JohnE’s Cabaret Friday night, the crowd was smaller then usual but the band was great.

You missed a great Country and Old Time Rock-n-Roll band. Jay Farris has put together a very good 4 piece band that has a great sound. The name, Exit 40, appears to refer to the age of the musicians and not the freeway….but they still have their stuff.

You can check them out at their website www.exit40band.com

Great Dancing at JohnE’s

Summer is here and there is a lot of room on the floor at JohnE’s both Fridays and Saturdays. Here is the line up for the next couple of weeks:
FRIDAY NIGHT – Country & 50’s-60’s:
June 25 – EXIT 40 (Country with 50’s)
July 2    – CLOSED for Floor Maintenance
July 9    – Saguaro Sunset – C
July 16  – Reign-N-Country – C
July 23  – TBD
July 30  – Saguaro Sunset – C
Aug  6   – Reign-N-Country –C
June 26 – Mike Corollo
July 3    – CLOSED for Floor Maintenance
July 10  – Danny Kealey Band
July 17  – Rich Howard Orchestra
July 24  – Terry McFee Orchestra
July 31  – Manuel Dorantes
August 7 – Danny Kealey Orchestra
JohnE’s is located Greenfield Village RV Resort located in Mesa just East of Greenfield Road and Main Street.

9 to 90, Great Night at JohnE’s

Bob Roppolo played a great set last night at JohnE’s. He even had guest performers assisting him for a few songs. There were only 120 folks in attendance, ranging from young nine years to over 90.
If you are looking for a great place to dance on Saturday nights you need to check out JohnE’s in Greenfield Village. The schedule and directions are posted in the left column. With only 120 dancers, that is 60 couples, there is a lot of room on the floor.

Shoes Getting Dusty

With my partner laid up with a pulled back muscle, not much dancing has been happening. We did get to dance a couple of nice slow dances at a reception this last Thursday, but that is it. We did  not take the chance of re-injuring her back this weekend.

Hopefully this coming week will be better. I have been going over the notes from our classes and we need to go over each and make sure we remember them all. I never realized that retirement would be so busy.

Dancing in Payson

We spent the weekend in Payson and did not dance. The only thing we could find was a small dance floor at Tiny’s Family Restaurant from 6 to 9pm on Friday night. There is a live performer there doing 50’s & 60’s music but we did not make it over there.
A weekend without dancing seems really weird and sort of empty.